N #8 – Faxitron

Non-destructive x-ray testing of medical devices and tissue explants at IMMR

Imaging is a corner stone of our activity in large animal preclinical research. We recently bought the motorized version of the latest OEC Elite from General Electric MedicalSystem, for superior angiographic imaging. We are also looking into 3D ultrasound for the upcoming year. But ex vivo x-ray imaging of explanted stents and valves requires high precision cabinet x-ray system. We invested in the Faxitron MX-20 Radiography System, used in medical, forensic, scientific and agricultural applications. It provides on-the-spot images in seconds and can export in most formats. Never have we been so well equipped to get nondestructive information into calcification of biologic material and metallic device integrity.

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 Video – Histopathology