3D Hybrid Operating Room

“After refurbishing our hosting and office area in 2012 and investing in a larger and improved animal facility (still on-going), we decided to invest in the most advanced 3D hybrid operating room in the market. Being one of the most experienced labs in hybrid procedures for structural heart disease made it clear that we needed imaging that could address the legitimate questions of our customers in terms of anatomy and functionality. We have made significant progress in our understanding of how to best approach valvular or vascular trans-catheter and hybrid therapies but also how to best validate orthopedic or neurologic implants. We try to keep up with the most recent advances in imaging because we believe this imaging is part of the equation for good research. There is no doubt that it also contributes to convincing fellow researchers, physicians and last but not least, investors.”

Dr Nicolas Borenstein,
DVM, PhD, Scientific and technical manager

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 Video – 3D Hybrid Operating Room