Histopathology world expert at IMMR: bringing a fully integrated and comprehensive pathology service for the medtech industry.

Histopathology is the final piece of the puzzle in the strenous path that medtech start-ups and larger players follow to prove safety and efficacy of their device.

Being one of the leaders in preclinical validation for the MedTech industry, IMMR is indeed a one-stop shop, capable of serving the project every step of the way, from the early phases of surgical proof of concept, all the way to final reports for regulatory purposes. Histopathology is key in our final assessment of devices, not only as it can show how well the device is integrated but also how safe it is (what the body does to the device and what the device does to the body). Dr Laurence Fiette joined the lab one year ago to strengthen this approach and bring 25+ years of experience in this particular field. She has seen all sorts of devices, car-diovascular naturally but also in all the other fields of biomedical research.

We work hand in hand and she is therefore during the macroscomacrospic assessment after explantation as well as during microscomacrospic study and final discussion with the sponsor.

Her presence as head of the pathology department supports our effort to address the full spectrum of preclinical assessment and brings one more world-class expert to the panel!

Nicolas Borenstein, DVM, PhD
Scientific and technical manager IMMR

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