Pr Alain Cribier gives IMMR an interview with his historic insight on Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) !

January 2019

3-minute version.

full, 25-minute interview.

TAVI was practically born in our laboratory with the early development, 20 years ago, of what was going to become the Melody valve, the Sapien valve, the Corevalve, the Ventor valve, and many many other novel devices.

Alain Cribier and IMMR go therefore way back and he was kind enough to share a bit of his time to have an open discussion on the birth of his project and all the hurdles he faced, and overcame!


Great moment of candid discussion on the history of structural heart!

Pr Alain Cribier
Dr. Nicolas Borenstein