Intracardiac ultrasound at IMMR : procedural guidance from the inside!

Ultrasound is one of the pillars on which structural heart therapies have thrived over the past few years. At IMMR, we have tried to stay at the forefront of innovative imaging and we can do any kind of ultrasound application for cardiovascular visualization. Transthoracic (TTE), trans-esophageal (TEE), epicardic, transdiaphragmatic, and intracardiac. For intracardiac ultrasound, we were using, off label, the pediatric trans-esophageal probe by Philips advanced through the very large jugular of sheep all the way to the right atrium. We now have acquired our own dedicated 9-Fr compatible system of intracar-diac echo, the Zonare by St JUDE, and find the imaging particularly crisp and insightful. This imaging modality can be used for structural heart, EP, and can be used in a variety of applications. It is truthfully another tool in the box, in order to better approach anatomy and therefore allow both assessment and guiding in areas where traditional ultrasound is suboptimal. A transseptal approach through the fossa ovalis can be performed safely and efficiently in a few minutes. Visualization of the mitral valve transversely can be done easily without having the operator’s hands in the field so intracardiac echo can also be a re-levant solution to unwanted scattered x-rays for the interventionalist or surgeon. Nicolas Borenstein, DVM, PhD Scientific and technical manager IMMR.

Dr Nicolas Borenstein,
DVM, PhD, Scientific and technical manager
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