“We are lucky to have established a partnership with the veterinary school of Maisons-Alfort near Paris. We commonly operate pets with cardiovascular conditions. But another aspect is scientific collaborations; one of which is the preparation of plastinated body parts. Our customers seek more than just a good preclinical platform for surgical research; they also need advice on the most relevant animal models. Comparative anatomy is therefore paramount. Our partnership with Pr Christophe Degueurce, anatomist and curator of the Fragonard Museum and Dr Henry Chateau, head of the anatomy department, gives us the ability to harvest any body part necessary in our animal models (hearts, kidneys, etc.) and provide them to our customers for teaching purposes as plastinates. The pertinence and the beauty of the plastinated body parts are obvious once you have one in your hands. In many respects, our partners at the veterinary school are inheritors of Honoré Fragonard, eighteenth-century French anatomist, whose écorchés—preserved dissected animal and human cadavers—are extraordinary works of virtuosic skill that have survived nearly two hundred and fifty years in the Fragonard Museum in Alfort. ”

Dr Nicolas Borenstein,
DVM, PhD, Scientific and technical manager

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