Week of 23 March 2021



Non-destructive x-ray analysis of medical devices and tissue explants is often essential and requires high precision cabinet x-ray systems. IMMR’s Faxitron provides images in seconds and exports in most digital formats. It provides high resolution, nondestructive information about calcification of biologic material and integrity of metallic devices.

When conducting orthopedic, dental, heart valve or vascular preclinical research, to name a few, Faxitron is a valuable tool for early evaluation of mineral deposition or bone reconstruction, and assessment of long-term device position and safety. Pathology evaluation, including Faxitron analysis, plays a vital role throughout the preclinical phase and should be considered even in early stage R&D and feasibility studies.

These radiographic images were acquired using IMMR’s Faxitron MX-20 Radiography System.

Faxitron imaging is one example from the comprehensive suite of Pathology Services offered by IMMR’s in-house team of Board-certified Veterinary Pathologists.

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