Week of 27 April 2021


It’s not bling; it is a radiation dosimetry badge, and it helps ensure the safety of IMMR’s clients and staff!

X-radiation and fluoroscopy remain essential tools for medical device surgical and interventional procedures. We do our best to limit radiation exposure by collimating (narrowing) radiation beams, having shields behind which people can stand, and using protective clothing such as lead aprons and thyroid barriers. Nevertheless, it’s important to monitor the amount of radiation to which people are exposed and to reduce their presence in procedure rooms when necessary to keep their cumulative exposure below accepted limits. Dosimetry badges detect and measure radiation for this purpose.

Dosimetry badges are a key component of our radiation safety system and thus play a critical role in medical technology development. At IMMR, in addition to requiring badges worn under the protective lead apron, we implemented using the Dose Aware dosimetry system from Philips Healthcare. This smart dosimetry badge enables real-time monitoring and is worn over the apron. Using dosimetry badges is just one of many precautions that IMMR takes to ensure the safety of our clients and staff.

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