Week of 27 July 2021


This image is an angiogram of the right coronary artery in a porcine!

With last week’s image, you know how to identify the left coronary artery of the porcine model. Today, because the posterior descending interventricular coronary artery can be seen, we are looking at the right coronary artery.

Given the similarities between pigs and humans, the porcine coronary artery model has become the gold-standard for assessment of safety and efficacy of coronary stents. Over the past 20 years, IMMR has accrued deep experience in the Vascular arena, working with coronary, peripheral, carotid and neurovascular technologies at human scale in normal as well as in pathologic models.

This image was acquired using a Philips FD20 flat panel angiography system in one of IMMR’s two hybrid ORs that enable innovators to conduct sophisticated procedures combining surgical, interventional and imaging techniques.

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