Week of 22 June 2021


The tricuspid valve annulus is being measured with the use of CT imaging and 3D reconstruction!

Minimally invasive, transcatheter tricuspid valve replacement (TTVR) relies strongly on pre-procedural imaging. Therefore, the assessment of tricuspid annular dimensions by cross-sectional imaging such as CT is of increasing relevance.

This image was acquired using IMMR’s Brilliance 64-slice gated CT scanner by Philips with 3mensio 3D reconstruction software. This system is invaluable in cardiac and pulmonary imaging applications, among many others.

IVC: Inferior Vena Cava (also called Caudal Vena Cava)
SVC: Superior Vena Cava (also called Cranial Vena Cava)
RA: Right Atrium
RV: Right Ventricle

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