Week of 25 May 2021


The left atrium, left ventricle and aorta are the cardiac structures shown, and this ICE image was obtained with an arterial approach, with the ICE catheter positioned in the aortic arch!

Intracardiac ultrasound is designed for real-time image guidance and visualization of cardiac anatomy. It can be instrumental in a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions in structural heart disease, electrophysiology and other cardiac interventions.

IMMR remains at the forefront of innovative imaging, and we routinely utilize diverse advanced echocardiographic techniques for intraprocedural cardiovascular visualization. These include Transthoracic (TTE), Trans-Esophageal (TEE), Epicardial, Transdiaphragmatic, and Intracardiac (ICE) Echocardiography.

This high definition ICE image of cardiac anatomy was acquired using IMMR’s state-of-the-art St Jude ViewFlex™ ICE 9-French catheter and Zonare ViewMate™ Z Intracardiac Ultrasound console.

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