Week of 8 December 2020


Myocardial infarcts (areas outlined in yellow) are observable in this ovine cardiac apex!

Using specialized histologic megacassettes to obtain very large samples (megasections), it is possible to analyze the whole cardiac apex and to offer an outstanding macro-micro correlation as well as a precise morphometric analysis of myocardial lesions.

1. Macroscopic view at trimming after fixation, scale bar: 0.5 cm.
2. Megasection of the cardiac apex. HE&S, original magnification: x1, scale bar: 0.5 cm.
3. Myocardial infarct. HE&S, original magnification: x20, scale bar: 50 µm.
Yellow line: Delimitation of myocardial infarcts
Black arrow: Degenerating/necrotic myocardial fibers
Black arrowhead: Hemorrhage and edema
*Mineral deposits

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